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View Full Version : Desktop PC on a plane as luggage.

11-04-2014, 01:20
Going to fly to Gardemoen tomorrow (11th April) with all my PC gear, i've allready decited to bring my pc with me as hand luggage because its a fairly small BitFenix case that goes within the regulations for SAS tickets, but, i have problems on how to bring my monitor, i think using 1000kr on a new monitor in norway is a bit much for just a few days, so im kind of in need for a suggestion on how to bring my screen.

So far i've planned on putting it in my briefcase, wrapping it up in some clothes, but since the screen is just as wide as my briefcase, im afraid it might break or getting bent during the trip.

Also, anyone know if the germans are gentle with the luggage?

Going to fly from Dusseldorf, Germany to Gardemoen, Norway

11-04-2014, 02:08
Been traveling from Tromsų (TOS) to Oslo and from OSLO to Dublin some times... the computer was fine in luggage as long as the harddrive and CPU fan was demoted and in the carry one luggage