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Thread: more english info/help

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    Talking more english info/help

    i like being here at the gathering , but i happend to be danish. and alot of the stuff here happend on nowergian(?) and that is bad because i know that alot of danes miss out on it. i myself happend to understand nowergian due to my work and my experince form world of warcraft. but i would very much appreciate if you could make more info in the hall itself on english , i was at the help desk asking for a both nowergian and english flashing info at the info screen , and it helped we now have messages in both languages . thanks alot !

    what i mean by more is the speaker guy , some times he talk english but it is hard to hear due to music and the fact that your speakers are way to loud or the sound setup is wrong, also the guards should be prepared to talk a bit english, i have some bad experinces with that one =/

    but thanks for a great party... ill deffently come around next year xD


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    well I'm norwegian and i sometimes found it hard to hear whatever they were saying in norwegian, but that was mostly because i was listening to something else, and by the time i noticed they were announcing something they were already finished saying it.
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