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Thread: Tools and sourcecode for (new) Demo/Intro coders

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    Tools and sourcecode for (new) Demo/Intro coders

    Do you want to make your first/next demo/intro (maybe for TG13?? )
    Do you need tools and sourcecode to start on?

    Have a look @ this URLs :

    Easy(Free) developer-tool for Windows:
    Setup OpenGL /Glut up on Windows :
    OpenGL help :

    Code / Tools:
    Pouet :
    Pouet :
    DisplayHack :

    Plasticator :

    Brainstorm :

    DigitalErr0r (XNA /WinPhone) :

    Braincontrol (Enigma Studio 3)

    Farbrausch: tools, demos, intros -
    werkkzeug1-forum :

    Moppi: tools -
    Conspiracy: tools, intros -
    Excess: tools, demos - and
    ASD: sample code -
    Mudlord: sample code, framework -
    KeyJ: sample code -
    Northern Dragons and Bawlz: sample code, framework -
    XPLSV: demos, sample code -
    Supersole: demos, sample code -
    v2m-Sound rip :
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