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05-03-2003, 08:39
Selv om det er rettet mesteparten mot gamere, så er det en liste her (http://lotl.cc/humor/lanpeople.php) som beskriver de forskjellige type menneskene som er skjebnestvunget til å finne på et så stort dataparty som TG

05-03-2003, 12:55
10fps: This guy’s machine was cutting edge, but its not 1998 anymore, and the system requirements have changed. You know you are in bad shape if you are grateful for a loaner TNT card. Characteristics: Grateful for anything that can help him increase his frame-rate or resolution. After LAN party has overwhelming urge to buy a new machine.

dette var meg før :)

05-03-2003, 13:00
kom på en ting til gitt, hvert eneste lan er dette meg:

Mr. Forgetful: Forgets to bring random small parts of his system like his own fucking power strip, monitor cable or a CAT5 cable. Goes around in circles asking people if he can borrow a mouse pad or whatever he didn't bring this time.

05-03-2003, 15:52
Jeg tror jeg er mere denne her:

The Re-Installer: For whatever reason, this guy needs to re-install Windows. Perhaps he was a victim of a Serially Transferable Disease from a bad porn viewer from the pirates. Maybe he was trying out a beta of XP, or even had Real Player installed. No one can ever predict these things, they just happen. Characteristics: Spends most of the night watching progress meters and installing everything else on top. Under no circumstances will he possess a valid product key for his particular version of Windows.

Men det er jo bare min mening.....Andre vil nok sikkert si noe annet...

05-03-2003, 17:58
MEG (bare gjør om de så de stemmer til en jente da :))

Mr. Small Bladder: Gets up every 15 fucking minutes for a piss break. Goddamn this guy's got a bladder the size of a peanut.

The Dream Crusher: She enjoys Counter-Strike, Q3A, C&C:RA, Starcraft, Diablo, AOE II, UT, Anime, Action Movies, Star Trek, Star Wars. Is a math major, has a kickass computer, has no boyfriend and is really smart, funny and cute. Characteristics: Is a Lesbian. Fly away, nerd.

**Edit**: synes cs er greit (har ingen andre spill) - har kjæreste - jeg er vel smart :p - morsom og søt (kanskje det kanskje..), og jeg er ikke lesbisk :p

05-03-2003, 21:09
Mysterious buddies: Two friends no one else knows who come, have a few 100 gigs of warez/porn etc, yet they don't share anything, have the latest 3D card and a over clocked Athlon and yet they don't play anything. No one knows what the hell they are doing there.

Meg og et par til det der :D

The Finally Got A Girlfriend: Brings his girlfriend to the LAN party. Doesn't have a computer for her, he just wants her around so the other geeks will presumably hail him as a god/look upon him jealously. Unfortunately the rest of the geeks see through the charade and mock him behind his back.

MEg det og

L33ty McLeet: Will come to party with his full tower and noisy water-cooling system. Spends most of their time browsing HardOCP and SharkyExtreme. Has the latest and greatest hardware, brags about their frame rate, yet is surprisingly bad at every game. May come to LAN party with only Linux installed.

Meg utenom at jeg ikke skryter, ikke har vannkjøling og driter i framerate fordi jeg ikke spiller =)

06-03-2003, 13:53
Dette er nok mest meg:

Red-Beard and Peg-Leg: These two guys each have several Gigabyte collections of mp3’s/pr0n/warez/movies, and proceed to consume all the network’s bandwidth by sharing and transferring these treasures between each other. Characteristics: On any network through anything less than a switch, everyone’s pings approach the high 400’s. Do not take any files from them that have not been thoroughly scanned.

Bortsett fra at jeg deler med alle og henter fra alle :D.