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  1. Advantages of being a member of KANDU
  2. Tickets will be put on sale tuesday the 3rd of February 19:00 CET
  3. Billettsalget starter tirsdag 3. februar 19:00
  4. Invitation
  5. Fordeler ved KANDU-medlemsskap
  6. Gigabit til folket!
  7. Invitation
  8. Tickets will be put on sale tuesday the 3rd of February 19:00 CET
  9. Advantages of being a member of KANDU
  10. Gigabit network to the people!
  11. Game competitions at TG09
  12. Creative compos at The Gathering 2009
  13. Press kit with the logo available for download now
  14. Radio 3 Norway: Official event radio on TG
  15. Travelling by train?
  16. Flames and Super Mario by violin at TG09
  17. PLAY! Symphony with BIG offer for TG-participants!
  18. Seating, Fire & Ice and seatmap
  19. Documentary to The Gathering
  20. Hotels in Hamar
  21. Gullstikka
  22. Do you want to be seated in the Creativia Area?
  23. Come visit us!
  24. Do you have a valid PTN account?
  25. Write for gathering.org?
  26. Reminder: Deadline for ticket refunds
  27. Set a record at TG09!
  28. BaneTele keeps delivering
  29. Want to spend a day behind the scenes?
  30. Check your mailbox!
  31. Tech:Net Blog
  32. We've got microwave ovens!
  33. Details on the TG09 network
  34. Assignment for the Themed Graphical Design compo available
  35. QuadV broadcasts from The Gathering 2009
  36. Research project at The Gathering
  37. Meet the mentors!
  38. Leave your laser pointers at home
  39. Selling locks at TG
  40. Security approves shelves
  41. Do not bring any food to TG09!
  42. Arrival
  43. April Fools' joke!
  44. Nerd swim!
  45. Hardcore Programming case has been released
  46. Consent form and valid PTN account
  47. Seating closes
  48. Easter of Records
  49. Game Prizes Announced
  50. QPAD with official TG 2009 mousepad
  51. The NewsGathering #1
  52. Live stream from the arena
  53. Remember to apply for Crew for a day!
  54. Fire & Ice
  55. Movie Premiere - "Exil"
  56. Omg! Aliens!
  57. Questions?
  58. Win an ASUS EN9800GX2 1GB
  59. World Record attempt in overclocking
  60. Remember your swim shorts
  61. The webcam stream is going offline
  62. Greetings to The Gathering
  63. Video interview with Tech:Net chief Daniel Husand
  64. Evacuation plan for participants
  65. Possible rain on the first day
  66. Prepare your computer for TG09
  67. Camping in line
  68. The Gathering is now open!
  69. Switch into dry clothes!
  70. Queue because of invalid PTN account
  71. Watch your belongings!
  72. ASUS welcomes you to the R.O.G Shootout competition
  73. The world's fastest notebook will be shown at The Gathering
  74. Handing in entries in the Creative competitions
  75. Sign up for game tournaments now
  76. Howto: Game Compo Signups
  77. World record attemp in Racedriver Grid
  78. Live-stream from the stage
  79. Meeting for teamleaders and competitions thursday 9th of April
  80. TheNewsGathering #2 is ready!
  81. G71G Gaming Notebook - a good reason to visit ASUS booth
  82. Fast Remix sample-kit is released
  83. Seeding for the Counter-Strike 1.6 compo
  84. Trackmania qualifiers
  85. Creative Workshop is here to help you
  86. Found love at TG?
  87. Max it!
  88. Are you on pins and needles? Give them to tech:net!
  89. TheNewsGathering #3 is out!
  90. Auditorium now Live!
  91. Task assignment for Small HTML released
  92. Guinness World Records
  93. Auditorium - The net
  94. Special prizes to be won at creative competitions
  95. Urospredere at The Gathering
  96. Fast Intro
  97. Game development in the Creative Workshop
  98. Are you making a demo?
  99. Clean up after yourself!
  100. Recycle and you may get up high!
  101. TheNewsGathering #4 is released!
  102. TG 2009 Barbecue
  103. Prize ceremony for some of the creative compos
  104. Want to show what element you support?
  105. We need a five person jury!
  106. Survey
  107. VIDEO: The Gathering by night
  108. Clean row? Win Prizes
  109. It's competition time!
  110. Gallery
  111. The story behind what you read
  112. Please don't play the attention grabber
  113. Something lost? ask Info:Desk!
  114. "TS-rekka" group tidy
  115. Germans at The Gathering
  116. ALL the contributions for the game development compo are now online.
  117. Fifth edition of the best TG-paper in the world
  118. YARR! We are pirates!
  119. Results from the game compos
  120. VIDEO: World Record in overclocking
  121. Results from the creative competitions
  122. Get the TG09 Attention Grabber
  123. Lost something? Found something?
  124. Participant ombudsman and crew ombudsman TG2010
  125. The Gathering 2010 - One step closer
  126. Available position in Norway
  127. Apply for a crew position